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Specialist Assesment

The first part of the PainSense comprehensive treatment process starts with clinical assessment with Dr Mark Hamlin, or associate specialist. In order to obtain a full history about you we may ask you to complete a questionnaire prior to the appointment. The information you provide about your pain helps the specialist determine more about the potential cause and therefore the treatment options.

The consultation involves us learning about your past medical history, the current problem, and social-psychological aspects relating to your health.

An examination will be performed as part of the assessment. This is a specific physical examination relating to the musculoskeletal system to assess for signs of a pain source. This pain generator may be related to a recent injury, degenerative process or inflammatory condition.

Dr. Mark Hamlin

The clinic is managed by Dr. Mark Hamlin, a member of the Australian Pain Society, and an experienced interventional and diagnostic radiologist.

Dr. Mark Hamlin is the first Perth based radiologist in over 15 years to be awarded the highest examination accolade (gold medal) by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR). He is also an examiner for the RANZCR.

Dr. Hamlin is a director and consultant for PainSense and a radiologist and medical director of Imaging Central.

Dr. Hamlin underwent his medical school and radiology training in Auckland. He relocated to Perth in 2008 to work in corporate radiology as an abdominal and interventional radiologist (Hollywood Private Hospital and St John of God Hospitals).

Dr. Hamlin graduated with distinction in the RANZCR Fellowship examinations and has continued his professional development with additional body-imaging and interventional radiology training. His main areas of interest are pain management and procedural radiology.