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The second part of the process at PainSense is radiological investigations. Radiology (X-rays, CT scan, MRI or Nuclear medicine scans) are an integral part of the pain management assessment. Physical examination is not always accurate in determining the nature of a health complaint. Radiology tests allow our specialists to see more clearly the underlying structures of the body, whether it be the spine, joints, nerves or other areas. CT scans and MRI scans are often necessary for the assessment of spinal conditions due the complex anatomy that is best visualised on 3-dimensional scans.

PainSense is affiliated with Imaging Central radiology Claremont and Morley. Imaging Central is a specialised practice that performs diagnostic radiology and also therapeutic procedures for pain management.

Imaging Central’s equipment includes digital low-dose X-ray, ultrasound, MRI and 128-slice & 256-slice CT scanners. The clinics are fully equipped for performing interventional procedures and treatments.