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About us

PainSense is a pain management service with the emphasis on chronic pain conditions requiring interventional techniques. Dr Mark Hamlin is a specialist with a wide range of experience in image-guided treatments, including spinal and joint procedures.

The advantages of being treated at PainSense include excellent access to clinic appointments and procedures, the use of high technology CT scan for spinal procedures, expertise in ultrasound guided treatments for soft tissue injuries.

Multiple treatment types are often required in the management of chronic pain. At PainSense we refer to these other treatment providers if so required. It is common to require a combination of Interventional Procedures, pharmacotherapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation, complementary medicine, lifestyle change and psychological support. We may refer our patients to preferred providers that we trust to help you.

Spinal procedures are all performed under guidance of the low-dose CT scanner, ensuring highly accurate needle localisation. Advantages also include fast access, shorter procedure times, no anaesthetic or sedation required. Overall, there is no down-time and no requirement for day stay theatre recovery.

Dr Mark Hamlin
The clinic is managed by Dr Mark Hamlin, a member of the Australian Pain Society, and an experienced interventional and diagnostic radiologist.

Dr Mark Hamlin was awarded the MGF Donnan Prize in 2006 by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR). The award is the highest accolade for examinations in Pathology during the fifth year of specialist training. He has also previously examined radiology exam candidates in the subject of Pathology since he graduated with distinction in this area of medicine. Pathology is the study of diseases and is paramount in the field of diagnostic and interventional radiology.

Dr Hamlin is a director and consultant for PainSense and a radiologist and medical director of Imaging Central.