Attention Property Owner

Rents in your area are skyrocketing with 3 bedrooms renting for as much as $4000 per month! With home loan interest rates still at they’re lowest in years now is the time to build a legal and fully permitted second unit dwelling on your property and finance 100% of the cost of the project at a very low interest rate.

THF Development Group Inc (THF) is a licensed contractor licensed by The California State Contractors Board. We specialize in adding Legal and fully permitted second unit dwellings to existing single-family homes sitting on R1 Lots. These second units are sometimes referred to as accessory units, granny flats or in-law suites. The second unit can be attached or detached. THF is able to build a second unit on your property even if your property is zoned R1. (The only restriction on building a second unit is if your property is located in a designated hillside area).

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Your second unit can be rented for additional income, used to house other family members (whichwould be far cheaper than buying another home in your area ) or used as an investment vehicle for your children’s education or your retirement (which would performbetter than any 401k). The principals, here at THF combined have legally added more than a 500 legal and fully permitted second dwelling units dwellings to existing Single-family homes throughout Southern California over the last 15 years!

To a limited group of homeowners THF is now offering a full service turnkey program where we will:

1. Assist you in obtaining 100% financing for the cost to build your second unit dwelling.
2. Design your second unit according to the configuration of your lot.
3. Submit and process your plans with the Department of Building & Safety to have your second unit legal and fully permitted.
4. Build your second unit, which includes all landscaping, installation of separate gas, electrical and water meters.
5. Assist you in renting your unit to qualified tenants or other popular programs such as Airbnb.
Below are a few of the second unit dwellings legally added to single family homes on lots Zoned R1: