Achievement Week and Recognition Jay Allen
Automation   Cornelius Beidleman 
Audit Lonnie Johns 
Budget & Finance Greg Whitted
Business Economic & Development Anthony Knight

Way & Means Pitman Rock
Fatherhood Initiative and Mentoring (YAP) Raymond Bell
History and Archives Victor Taylor
Hospitality Milton Foster
Membership Selection Program Owen Wilson
Military Affairs Wm. Terry Calhoun
Nominations, Credentials & Resolutions Antonio Coleman
Political Action/Governmental Affairs Robert W. Fairchild
Protocol Steven Johnson
Reclamation Committee Claude Page
Retention Committee Marvin Chisolm
Rules and Recommendations Larry A. Brown
Scholarship Gary Powell
Social Action Harvey Woodson
ASALH/Carter G. Woodson Steven Johnson
Talent Hunt  William Prentiss
Time and Place Gary C. Clark (Grace)
District Training Coordinator Amos Townsend
Violence Prevention Aaron Price
Foundation Coordinator Harvey L. Woodson