Good Day Good Brothers,

It’s been stated, that the tragedy that occurred in Baton Rouge was “the worst flooding in the country’s worst natural disaster” since Hurricane Sandy!!!  August 16 started the days of rain which swallowed thousands of roads and buildings in water throughout Louisiana.  At least 13 people were killed and more than 30,000 displaced as the ‘unprecedented’ floodwaters rose over two feet of water. The catastrophic flooding this past weekend in Louisiana has devastated sections of Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.

The overall impact as of yesterday is indicated in the following data:

Deaths: 13

Rescues: More than 30,000

Rainfall: 25 inches over the weekend in the Baton Rouge area

Homes, businesses without power: 40,000

People living in shelters: 12,000

Parishes expected to be declared disaster areas: 30

School systems closed: At least 4, plus Louisiana State University

Sources: Gov. John Bel Edwards, National Weather Service

9th District Representative, Bro. Ken Terrell, has been in communication with brothers in the Baton Rouge area, and has identified 30 brothers with total home flooding.  Bro Brian Bernard [; 225-937-7198] and Bro. Mike Adams[; 225-405-1997] are our points of contact in Baton Rouge.

Brother, I know we are going thru our own “trials & tribulations” but, if you can find it in you heart to spare a few dollars for our Brothers that would assist to their recovery!

In order help our Brothers out with financial assistance, WE NEED EVERY BROTHER IN THE THIRD DISTRICT to contribute $20.  Please donate using the link below!

This will only take a few seconds of your time!


Yours in Omega,

Ezekiel “Zeke” Dennison, Jr.

3rd District Representative