When the question is asked, “who can we run to?” It is humbling to know that the community knows they can run to Sigma Kappa Kappa Chapter for Uplift. The Brothers received calls from two families in need of emergency school supplies. One family is facing eviction and had no way to purchase much needed supplies for a young lady starting high school. The Brothers also received another call from a family in need of supplies for a young man starting the eighth grade. Both of these years are so pivotal; one beginning what could be the time period that shapes the rest of her life and the other on the last leg of his journey from a young boy maturing into a young man.The Chapter organized and partnered with the C.R.O.P. Foundation to purchase two book bags and enough school supplies to last an entire school year! Brothers Wil Bronson, Kodi Fleming, Dexter Bailey and Justin Hampton organized the funding and purchases. Brothers Delwyn Petersen, Kodi Fleming, Justin Hampton, Ricky Lawrence and Stanley Barner Jr. made the drop offs to the families. The Brothers gave both teenagers words of encouragement and Uplift. The irony is that as Brothers were trying to make a difference in the community and show this young man a positive image of black men; directly across the street was a Nu Psi Chapter Brother leading an investigation into the homicide of yet another young black male. Sadly, this is what a lot of our children have to witness and live through daily. This is why Sigma Kappa Kappa chapter has committed themselves to make a true impact on the lives of young black children. “We are either the bad choice they see, or the change the see, either way they are watching.” Brothers we ask you, how far does the sweeping hand of service and Uplift reach in your community?

Sigma Kappa Kappa Provides Emergency Schools Supplies for Families in Need

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